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2012 GT Performer 26

2012 GT Performer 26

2012 26" Performer

I found out I am deploying again and then I found out I will be going to a place that I will be able to take a bike. I was not going to take one of mine I currently have because of the time and effort I put into these I figured I would pick up a cheap 24" or 26" and not worry about it. I found this on City Grounds and got it for real cheap so if it gets sand blasted or run over by who knows what then not a big heart break.

I did change the bars, grips, pedals, seat, post, and sprocket. I do have a set of gum walls and many spare tubes I am taking with me because I am sure the heat will be bad on the tires.  I also have a sealed gold headset I will put on when I get over to where I am going just for something to do. 

I was going to leave the bike in the box for the pack up but since "wired" made me some custom decals I figured it would be a hell of a lot easier to put them on over here.  

F/F - 2012 GT 26" Performer
Decals - WIRED
Crank - GT Steel, 3 Pcs, 8T, 175mm
Sprocket - PorkChop 36T
Pedals - VP Bear trap style
Rims - RIMS: Alex Y303 36 F, R Hole
Hubs - GT Mohawk 14mmf, 14mmr 36 F, R Hole
Tires - GT 26" Freestyle
Bars - S&M PRO Race 
Stem - GT 100% Cold Forged 1-1/8" Machined GT Logo On Front Cap, 50mm Ext
Grips - Fuan
Brakes - Tektro 930AL
Post - Bontrager
Clamp - Gold GT
Seat - Mongoose

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