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1986 GT JR Performer 16

1986 GT JR Performer 16

Ant's First Bike

This little beauty is all original save the chain, which was rusted out.  I screwed up and put a new school chain on it, and it doesn't quite look right.  Nonetheless, the bike still shines.

My little brother Ant (Anthony) got this bike for Christmas 1986.  It was purchased at the same garage-based bike shop on East Center Street in Lee, Massachusetts that I got my World Tour, and our other brother Mike got his Redline.  If anyone remembers the name of the guy who ran that shop, I would love to know - I think that was the only bike shop in the Lee / Lenox area at the time.  Ant rode this bike all the time with his friends around the neighborhood, even after he somewhat outgrew it.  The fact that it cleaned up so nicely is a testament to the quality of GT bicycles.


Frame / Fork / Bars - GT
Hubs - GT stamped '86' on front / coaster brake rear
Rims - unmarked two tone
Tires - Cheng Shin Comp IIIs
Crank - Unmarked one piece (looks like GT)
Chainwheel - GT stamped
Pedals - VP800
Front Brakes - Odyssey
Stem - Tuf-Neck
Seat - Viscount 2167
Seatpost - GT layback
Clamp - unmarked
Chain - who cares (new)

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