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1987 GT Performer

1987 GT Performer

The kind of bike I always wanted when growing up in the UK in the mid -80s. No-one I knew had anything like this and most of my friends rode Raleigh Burners. I made do with a Halfords Turbo.

After years away from the hobby I was recently pulled back in after happening across an old school shop here in Tokyo.  Last year i bought Acs's fantastic Anlun build

I decided it was time to start a project of my own.  Parts and frames etc here in Japan are hard to find and very expensive.  Finally I found this GT survivor on ebay at a decent price - all parts seem like they are the originals and everything is in pretty good condition.  I am going to clean her up as good as I can and rebuild - then I will have a think about maybe stripping her back down and making some changes.  It's the first time in 20+ years that I've undertaken anything like this so progress will be slow...

Well - all finished this summer.  Wanted it to be a survivor so kept as much original as possible.  New tyres, grips and chain.  The gyro had broken so I have slightly changed the brake set up. Very happy with the final result.

Submitted by Jpbmx74

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