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1986 GT World Tour

1986 GT World Tour

My All-Time Favorite Bike

These days, everyone and their uncle are going on about how their bike is the 'Holy Grail' of this or that.  Well, I don't pay 'em no mind - because my World Tour is the 'Holy Grail', the 'El Dorado', the 'Jimmy Hoffa', the 'Atlantis', and the 'Secret Vaults of Al Capone' of freestyle bikes all rolled into one.  USA made 'FS' stamped frame, and all 100% original save the chain, which actually predates the bike; I had it on my Mongoose when I got the GT.

My Mom and my Aunt Elaine bought me this bike for Christmas 1986.  It was custom ordered from a little bike shop operating out of a garage on East Center Street, Lee, Massachusetts.  I never changed anything on it except the chain.  I only rode this bike for about a year before I got into motocross and then it sat, so it is not too beat up.  My parents held it for me for years and I recently re-claimed it.  It will be with me until the purple cows come home.  Skol to the flatland...

Specs (now pay attention, 007):

Frame / Fork / Bars - GT
Stem - GT Mallet
Seatpost - GT stamped
Seatpost Clamp - GT stamped
Seat - Viscount Dominator
Rims - OGK
Tires - GT 2.00 front / 1.75 rear
Chainwheel - SR Sakae BMX 43t X 1/8
Disc - GT stamped
Crank - SR Cr-Mo Tubular 175X24
Pedals - SR SP-474
Brake Levers - Dia Compe 183
Brakes - Dia Compe MX
Frame / Fork Standers - GT
Grips - ODI Mushrooms
Rotor - Odyssey Gyro
Chain - Izumi

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