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1990 GT Aggressor

1990 GT Aggressor

1989 Stamped, 1989 Stickered 1990 Frame Styled NOS GT Aggressor

I recently acquired this bike from another museum member with every intention of recreating the GT Aggressor that I had back in the early 90's. I purchased this bike with the understanding that the frame and fork and a few other parts were NOS and that it was only lightly assembled. The first thing I did when I got it was disassemble it! Between old videos I have of me riding my Aggressor in 1990 and the information and pictures that are here on the museum, I was able to create the nicest bike and the most rare bike that I have in my collection right now! As soon as I completed the reassembly of this bike on January 15th, 2013, I created my parts list and took lots of pictures. Check it out:

NOS GT Aggressor frame with new style logo stamp, NOS GT PFT style fork with old style logo stamp, NOS GT Mallet stem, NOS GT seat, NOS GT Epoch headset, NOS GT A'ME grips, NOS GT Superlace wheelset with NOS Araya rims, NOS GT tires, NOS GT pedals, NOS GT chainwheel, NOS Odyssey FS2000 front brake, NOS Odyssey Pitbull rear brake, NOS Odyssey RX-3 levers, NOS Odyssey Gyro cables, and a NOS Tange Sealed Cartridge Bottom Bracket.

Excellent condition survivor parts that I used consist of GT 4 piece handlebars, a GT layback seatpost, 4 GT steel tube rides and a GT double seatpost clamp.

The only refinished parts on this bike are the repowdered and restickered Odyssey gyro and the show polished 1989 stamped GT Power Series 3 piece cranks  that, to me, really set this bike off. I was thrilled when I found 1989 stamped Power Series cranks for this build! The only "new" parts on this bike are the KMC chain that I bought from Porkchop and a new pair of tubes and new front brake cable that I picked up at my local bike shop! Alright, it 's time to go grind something with this thing!

Submitted by opedogg47