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1988 GT JR Performer 16

1988 GT JR Performer 16

hERE IS a 88 JR PERFORMER i scored on Ebay Yea " ebay " can you bealive it i couldnt i did not now such a thing was possible lol

So here she is 88 magenta JR PERFORMER i picked up off of ebay like i said at a killer deal i could not bealive it but i have it and my daughter Loves it! when i got it it was All OG and needed to be overhauled !! big time hubs were glued and so was the bb went on ahead and did the head set as well got  new grease every where,, soap and water new grips, chain, also decided to go with the skyways and porkchop tires since the OG's looked pretty toast even after the overhaul plus the rear tire had got skidded on pretty bad witch i have the OG wheels for sale in the betta section actual rims spokes and hubs came out looking killer Good and super smooth after overhaul! Also added a rear brake 901 dia compe dated 86 with matching 86 tech3 lever..


Added 3/11/2013 NOS frame extender, fork standers, & frame standers also front brake

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