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1988 GT Performer

1988 GT Performer

Magenta 88 performer, My ol' Lady Loves it it compliments my Daughter's bike to perfection! Thanks! Wayne!....

Here is a 1988 GT PERFORMER  i bought from a good buddy also a member here ( lowrider ) Glad he le t me get it, it looks great next to my daughters JR witch i will be adding to my bikes after this. After getting the bike i did some changing around on it to my liking but not so much to where it would look different than the JR. First thing i did was pull the gyro off as i have never dug the gyro look "i know it is supposed to have it i just dont like it" I changed the brake system to 85 stamped mx brakes with 85 stamped tech 3 levers polished the levers out to compliment the nice circle stamped chrome GT lean back i put on it, i also changed the clamp to the 85 style clamp i like the look of that one better as well // Also went with the skyways instead of the OG mags well here she is hope you guys enjoy the new look!

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