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1985 GT Pro Performer

1985 GT Pro Performer


2 year build,frame/fork/pft bars and decals by C4,bought frame/fork/pft bars here on the museum,nos seat,seatpost,nos tuffneck seatclamp/chainwheel/disk,nos mallet from fleabay,nos fs 880 with cables found on here,repop tuffs,comps,ame grips,dice caps and cable ends by willinois,custom coin sprocket by noname design,nos green epoch still on the bench....looking for some pedals still...suggestions?bought a nos pro rotor too but couldnt bring myself to cut that 1987 nos rear cable!!!thanks to all the members who helped source the parts and gave advice too,this is the follow up build after my "orange crush" decade...i try to use era correct nos parts that fall within 2 years of frame build,next up is a 1981 diamondback viper....after that i'm gonna stick with crusiers cause i cant ride these little 20 inchers anymore!!!thanks for checking out my bike and supporting the museum

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