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1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

Here's the bike I built for my nephew in tribute to my brother-in-law who passed away last October.

So, my brother-in-law and his son found this GT in the trash, it was spray bombed green and black and then was just sitting in their back yard for a year.

My brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer and neither had the time or energy to help his son build it up. I knew it was my duty to do this. Well, he passed away last october and
I started the build. Asked my nephew what colors he liked, and he even went to the powdercoaters to pick a color of the frame, fork, bars and cranks.
There are many high-priced items on this, but that means nothing to me when it comes to love.

My brother-in-law had a saying that I will never forget, "not a problem" he would say. Whatever the situation, it was not a problem Tim, not a problem.
I added this to the bike, as well as his initials to the front. I will always miss him and I know he is smiling right now that this bike is done. Hope you enjoy.

Parts list:

--GT Pro freestyle Tour Frame, fork and handlebars
--GT mag rims
--Cheng shin tires
--GT stem
--Rare SR pedals
--GYRO setup
--GT Power series cranks
--GT winged sprocket
--Dice caps
--Dia compe 990 brake and lever
--Dominator seat
--GT layback seatpost
--Animal grips

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