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1986 GT Pro Performer

1986 GT Pro Performer

USA Made June '86 FS Stamp OG Chrome, NOS decals

Love this one!!  Polished up OG chrome and added NOS decals.  Rare black Epoch headset.  Gonna possibly build it up with yellow tuffs and pink bits to match the decals.  It's got the more rare "stamped 86 on the steer tube" forks with dual cable guides

Parts List

  • USA Made 1986 FS Stamp GT Pro Performer Frame (OG chrome, NOS decals)
  • USA Made 86 Stamped dual cable guide Performer fork (no weep holes)
  • 1985 SR GT Freestyle Mallet stem
  • GT Epoch Headset (black)
  • 1986 GT Pro bars (powdered day glo pink)
  • 1986 stamped GT Layback seat post (powdered day-glo pink)
  • Viscount Dyna GT • BMX seat
  • Dia Compe hinged seat clamp
  • New Dia Compe Bulldog Brakes
  • Odyssey slic cables
  • Dia Compe Tech 77 locking brake levers
  • A'ME Round grips
  • NOS Odyssey GyrO2
  • New Redline Flight double-pinch full wrap cranks 175mm
  • Redline sealed bottom bracket
  • VP Platform Pedals
  • PorkChop BMX power disc
  • PorkChop BMX Chop Saw II chainwheel 41t
  • KMC Superlight Chain
  • NEW Skyway Limited Edition alloy flange Tuff Wheel II
  • GT Freestyle tread tires 20x2.1 blackwall

Submitted by GHMGT73

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