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1986 GT Mach One

1986 GT Mach One

My childhood bike reborn. Personally I think the Mach One is one of the best on and off the track bikes built, and I've been loving riding this one again.

I had one of these as a kid, was my second BMX bike, it had the same original "Huntington Beach" decal set as this one. I rode that bike from 7 to about 14 when it got stolen, found it about a week later, a little punk kid was ghost riding it as hard as he could into the side of a dumpster behind the local Winn Dixie. After watching him do it for a few seconds, I realized it was my bike, too late, broken head tube among various other things led me to strip it down and move on to my Hutch. But now 17 years or so later, Ive got another one. This frame set is all matching original decals and I've got everything to build it back to factory original minus the seat and grips. I've tried to build it back to as close to the way I had it before I lost her. I'm about 98 percent there now.

Almost done.

Submitted by Jeno007

  • Race
  • Company: GT Bicycles
  • Model: Mach One
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Current Configuration: Original Survivor Frame/Forks/Bars/Stem/Headset NOS Aluminum GT Epoch headset cap-race version NOS Tange Motocross lock nut New BOX gold ano headset spacers NOS SST gold ano Dirt Skirt NOS '81 Dia-Compe gold ano lever NOS Dia-Compe stamped lever ferule New Sheng An gold housing brake cable New Dia-Compe gold brake cable clamps Survivor polished '85 Dia-Compe 901 MX brake New unknown yellow brake pads Survivor '86 GT seat clamp Survivor GT small circle stamp cr-mo layback post NOS Viscount Dominator seat-not repop NOS 180mm Odyssey Excalibur crank NOS Tioga Sealed Bottom Bracket Survivor polished '86 GT Power Disc Gold ano Pro Neck 43T chainring NOS GT stamped chainring bolts x5 Survivor unstamped GT chain ring bolts x5 Odyssey Black Widow pedals w/NOS Triple Trap cages New gold KMC z410 chain New GT chromoly Ratchet freewheel Survivor first gen. 36H GT Racelace hubs laced to survivor Ambrosio rims Used gold stem and seat clamp bolts New reproduction black GT padset New GT Speed half waffle grips and end caps New GT Wings fat/skinny tires BMXMuseum gold ano Piston valve caps

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