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1987 GT Performer

1987 GT Performer

Survivor *except the tires* Condition GT

**SOLD** This is now a three owner bike,. Oddly enough, ALL three owners have been named Dan. - 

This is the one I wanted as a kid. I had a PK but I had grand designs on this one. I found this on PDX Craigslist with under a Make Offer ad from the original owner. I guess he was sick of the few low-balls he was thrown and took my offer. The tires had dry rotted off the bike and were hanging around the mags. It had been parked under a pine tree so some of the specs of rust are actually just dried sap. I haven't touched this except for the tires. I have a replacement lay back as this one has a bit of a bend. I am going to clean the other pedal and the other grip, add the original chain and some Kool-Stop pads and call it done. No resto just as found. 

Submitted by heyslugger

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