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1987 GT Pro Performer

1987 GT Pro Performer

Chrome 1987 GT Pro Performer in excellent OG survivor condition!

I purchased this 1987 GT Pro Performer frame and fork from UniqueAndy, earlier this year. It came with the original GT Epoch headset and GT seatpost clamp. Considering how good of a price I paid, I couldn't believe how nice it was when it came in! I pm'd Andy back and told him that I got it and how happy I was with it. The more we talked, the more original parts I found out that he had from this frame and fork!  I ended up buying everything that he had for it! The few parts he didn't have, like the GT mallet stem, I sourced from other museum members. In the end, this bike turned out so nice! It is a mix of really nice OG survivor parts and just a couple of NOS parts like the Odyssey Gyro cables. I really took my time in assembling it. I cleaned and greased everything to the point that all the components operate like they are brand new but, the whole bike still has that pitina! I'm going to ride this bike at some point but, for now I enjoy just looking at it! I hope you do to!

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