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2001 GT Performer

2001 GT Performer

Metallic Blue GT Performer inspired by one of the best GT's in the museum !!!!!

One of the best GT's I've seen in the museum is pep's 2000 GT Show Retro ( ). So when I saw a 2001 Performer for sale on eBay I figured it be worth the effort to try a similar one. I deviated a little due to the available chrome parts I found. But over all I am rather pleased. This is one of those bikes that looks much more epic and awesome in person than it does in picture!


  • Dia-Compe Tech 77 Levers
  • GT Bars
  • GT Brake Pads
  • GT Fly Cutter Sprocket
  • GT Performer Brake Pads
  • GT Show Pegs
  • GT Stem
  • Odi Ruffian Locking Grips
  • Odyssey G3 Cables
  • Odyssey Gyro Rotor System
  • Odyssey Mr. Clampy II Clamp
  • Odyssey Seat
  • Odyssey Twisted Pedals
  • Primo "The Wall" Tires
  • Skyway 6 Spoke Mags
  • Tektro Brakes


Submitted by ChristianHetheMurray

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