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1984 GT Pro Performer

1984 GT Pro Performer

The original and still the best...

100% original survivor 1984 GT Pro Performer.  Every part on this bike is original from 1984  (Original Ariake Jaguar seat was damaged in shipping, replaced with closest era-correct GT seat). NOTE: I will never sell or part this bike.  It was a gift from my best friend and has too much sentimental value. 

Original Parts

  • F/F Made in USA FS stamp
  • Original paint and decals
  • 1984 Skyway Tuff II alloy flange mags
  • GT Shinko race tread tires
  • Tuf Neck power disc
  • Tuf Neck 44t chainring
  • Tuf Neck chainring bolts
  • Izumi "Lite" chain
  • SR tubular one piece cranks
  • SR pedals
  • Tuf Neck stem (tiger stamp)
  • GT Pro race handlebars
  • ODI Toadstool grips
  • GT lay back seat post
  • Ariake Jaguar GT-BMX stamped seat
  • ODI Toadstool grips
  • Dia Compe MX Brakes
  • Dia Compe Tech-2 levers
  • Original Brake Cables
  • Unknown seat clamp
  • "Rad Kaps" valve caps
"Rider" parts  (I replaced some things so I could ride it and not worry about damaging original, hard to find pieces)
  • GT Skinwall Freestyle tread tires
  • DIa Compe Tech-3 Levers
  • New Skyway Tuff brake pads
  • Viscount Dyna GT-BMX stamped seat
  • New Dia-Compe hinged seat clamp

Submitted by GHMGT73

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