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1990 GT JR Performer 16

1990 GT JR Performer 16

EDDIE FIOLA approved Rare black color survivor Jr. Performer. I ride this thing hard and love it. Its a wheelie machine

This GT Jr. Performer is one special bike. It has a touch of Eddie Fiola to it. I sold my other 91' jr. Performer about 8 months ago and have had sellers remorse. Since then i have been looking for a really nice survivor condition one with all original finish parts and have had no luck.


11/16/12: It arrived via fedex and i asembled and documented every bit so far. It was meant to be finding this thing and then having Eddie Fiola sell me the Nos seat post that fits perfect and is perfect size for it. Also, this jr. Performer is even cleaner then the other one I had. Everything is original to the bike except the tires and i think brake cable. I swapped the seat post out in order to be able to ride it with a NOS DYNO thumb stamp drainpipe that i bought from The King himself, Eddie Fiola.

Submitted by TXBONE

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