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1986 GT Pro World Tour

1986 GT Pro World Tour

This is my Big Boy Toy...been wanting one of these since 15. Name: Laveria aka O.G.O.A.R. Mobile aka Shrek aka Green With Envy.

This is a bike that I have persued for over 25 years. Every since I was 15 years old. I have wanted a GT performer class bike. Now that I have completed this one. I have named it after my late mother(Laveria) to symbolize our day of poverty. There are so many good people that came together to make this bike reality. Caleb(pscustom), Tony(pneufab), Bike Connection(Rick&Bob), and so many more. You can look for this bike to show up in your local neighborhood, park, street, trails, city. 

Submitted by teabeats

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