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1984 GT Pro Performer

1984 GT Pro Performer

One of my faves.

Pretty cool GT from late 1984/ early 1985. Its seen much better days, but I'd rather have it in the shape it's in than it be in a scrap yard somewhere. The mags were on it when I got it.

Frame: Late 84' GT Pro Performer. 

Forks: Stock.

Headset: Stock as far as I know.

Stem: Repop. I still have the original Tuf Neck stem, but its cracked.

Handlebars: From a early 90s Schwinn Predator I think.

Handlebar grips: Fuan..or something like they. They sure are comfy!

Seat: From a GT Avalanche mountain bike.

Seat post: From a 94' GT Interceptor.

Seat post clamp: Stock.

Crank: Random. Original broke.

Bottom bracket: Stock as far as I know. 

Pedals: From a Mongoose I think. They feel good though.

Front wheel: Skyway Tufff II

Rear wheel: Skyway Tuff II, coaster model.

Tires: Innova GT Winged, found them on Amazon! 







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