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2000 GT Power Series 1.0

2000 GT Power Series 1.0

2000 GT Power Series 1.0

This build is for my 12 year old son.  It is actually my second build since getting back into BMX after a hiatus since 1985.  I have been patiently and methodically collecting  parts for a build  for myself and in the process collected so many parts that I was able to build a complete '84 Redline Three Series for my 9 yr old.  Soon after that, my 12yr old was getting a bit jealous...his younger brother riding a shiny 25lb Redline and he was clunking around on a Wal-Mart special Mongoose that weighed in at over 40lbs.  I soon bought most of this build from another member here at a great price and thought I would surprise my older boy with a much better, faster &  LIGHTER bike as well.  With this bike, I had to learn a bit about "newer" school bikes and the differences in headsets, forks, stems, brakes, etc...I did combine a few "Old School" parts to give this bike a little more color.  The only parts I took from his old Mongoose were the black mag wheels :)


Parts List:

Frame/Fork - 2000 GT Power Series

Bars - GT

Stem - GT Piston-style

Grips - A'ME Blue GT

Brakes - Origin 8 V-Style

Headset - AHeadset

Wheels - Mongoose Mags in black

Tires - HWA FONG Comp3 Type in Red 20x1.75

Seat - Dyna Viscount in Red (Newer)

Seat Post - GT

Seatpost Clamp - GT

Cranks - Redline Proline Cranks with Sugino Spider and Black Sugino Chainring

Bottom Bracket - Redline Looseball

Pedals - VP Pedals in Black

Chain - No name standard BMX chain

Submitted by maxycross

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