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1988 GT Interceptor

1988 GT Interceptor

The Best of both worlds - Straight down the Center - Sold

Picked this up from this kid. He wasn't so nice to it. I have plans for it though... Should be pretty wicked unless I use the idea on another bike. We'll see...

Update 9/8/12: I ended up doing the "wicked". Was browsing Porkchop and ran across the Golden Age of BMX Build Off (win a Hutch!)Figured the perfect time to build this up.

I scrapped this bike together with whatever parts I had laying around. Built completely in my garage from the floor up. Tons of spray cans! Was impressed everything lined up in the end since I didn't do an assembled mock up first. The only thing untouched were the grips. I stretched, modified and fabricated the decals, tires, number plate  and pad set. Thought I'd do something out of the norm. I've seen the norm plenty. Some may cringe on period correct, race slash freestyle aesthetics. No worries. I wanted a one of a kind. SE did a nice version but love the way I flipped this one.

More photos can be seen from this link:

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