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1993 GT Pro Series 24

1993 GT Pro Series 24


Funny because I bought this bike off CraigsList a While back and fixed it up to my likes.. I then sold the bike on CraigsList  to a guy who lived about an hour and a half away from me. Year went by and i was missing my bike.. I searched for another GT cruiser pre 1994 and I just couldn't come across one.. I looked for the guys number to see if he was interested in selling it back but I couldn't find it either.. Come to find out the guy I sold it to was my friend on Facebook who I accidentaly requested his friendship a year ago thinking he was another childhood buddy of mine because they shared the same name! Trippy!


GT Pro Series Frame

Landing Gear 24" threaded fork

GT Handlebars

185mm GT Cranks

39T sugino chainring

Pitbull brakes

GT 90's Padset

GT Seat

GT Neck

Not sure about wheels

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