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1988 GT Pro Series

1988 GT Pro Series

full original spec survivor

my 88 pro series rider full OG spec.
original f/f/ bars and seat post all with gt stamps and original stickers,well used and marked up a bit but this is my rider and it gives it character i think.
anyone who knows their GTs know how rare a full OG spec one of these is,its not the oldest Gt but its.actually harder to find than an 87 Gt PFT i think.
and with a OG parts list like
Gt race lace sealed bearing wheels with hollow axles,GT power series cranks,Gt epoch headset,and speedtrap pedals how can you not like them.

i changed a few parts that were not og with original used parts
i would challenge you to find another one like it in full OG spec


rare black sealed bearing race lace hubs with hollow axles and locking collars
black speedline rims
original suntour freewheel
very rare fat / skinny GT race tyres 20x1.75 / 20x2.125
very rare black/silver gt stamped chain early logo (white ones are hard to find, but the black/silver near inmpossible)
gt stamped powerdisk
gt stamped chainwheel
gt stamped chainring bolts
gt stamped seat post clamp
gt seat
901 caliper
tech 77 non locking lever
Gt epoch headset
gt stamped pro stem
ame grips
Gt survior pads
GT power series cranks stamped 88 and 175 with original text still on arms
new numberplate to be changed when i find a survivor one of the same

Submitted by mypk