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1986 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

1986 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

PFT Anything but Original, and never was....

Got this one new in '87, alls they had at the shop was this lavender one for the money I had to spend. My Kuwi had just been stolen and I needed a new ride so....Brought it home and Immediately ditched the wheels (joytec, no names?) for Peregrines and black Odyessy barefeet. That seemed to necessitate junkin' all the white crap on it. I guess it lasted a day in it's original form. Gave it a good beatin' for a few years until I got tired of the purple. Got spray bombed camoflauge in '92 or so. It's had 4 or 5 repaints since then (whatever I felt like that year). Last one I did in'03. Just got it back after it did a coupla years hard time in my aunt's New Jersey basement (Thanks Kris). A lot of bikes have come and gone, and this one has always stuck around. In it's current incarnation the only thing original to the bike is the frame! Although I do have the forks, bars, and seat for it, I like it like this so, Purists no hatemail! hehe

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