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1998 GT Speed Series Team XXL

1998 GT Speed Series Team XXL

This bike was purchased in 1997 and the frame was replaced in 1998 by GT (due to the recall). The frame shown above was manufactured in 1998 and has serial number "98 07970974 XXL".


I purchased this bike on August 14, 2011 from its original owner.  Back in 1995 (when he was 12 years old), the original owner of the bike decided that he wanted a top of the line BMX racing bike.  He really wanted a Haro Monocoque, but soon realized that he could never save up enough to get one.  Then in 1997, after he had been saving for two years, the 1997 GT Speed Series Team came out; the first GT to have BOX stays.  He instantly fell in love with the look of the bike (which was also partially due to Gary Ellis) and decided that he had to have this bike!  He called up the local bike shop (Ray's Cycle in Vacaville, CA) and had them order the bike for him.  Ray's gave him a call when the bike had arrived at the shop and he (the original owner) was allowed to watch his dream bike get pulled out of the box and built up in front of his eyes!  The bike cost him more than $900 back in 1997 (I will be receiving the original sales receipt shortly), which made it one of the most expensive BMX bikes of that year.  Then less than a year later, he was given a phone call by Ray's and told that his aluminum GT frame had been recalled by GT (  He mailed the original frame back to GT, and they gave him the frame that you see in the pictures above.  This recall replacement frame was manufactured in 1998 and has serial number "98 07970974 XXL". The replacement frame's top tube length (center to center) is 21.0 inches, which makes this frame the XXL version!  However, since the bike looked so nice, he was afraid to ride it (he only raced it twice).  So, to protect it, he retired the bike to his bedroom... and there it stayed for the next 12 years (right next to his bed)!!!  Then in 1999, when he was 26 years old, he purchased his first house and garaged the bike.  Unfortunately, while trying to keep his house and put himself through school, in 2011 he had to sell his beloved bike (which he had now owned for half of his life - 14 years).  He shopped the bike for about 3 months, trying to find the right person for the bike; someone who would cherish the bike as much as he did.  I was thankfully that person and am now the proud owner of this 1997 GT Speed Series Team XXL bike.  This bike looks amazing and I am really glad that I was able to buy it, especially since I don't know if I'll have the opportunity to buy another basically never ridden stock GT Speed Series bike again!  Update: After searching the L.A. Craigslist (while on vacation), I found and purchased this like-new stock 1999 GT Speed Series Team XL bike (!!!


In total, this bike has only been ridden four (4) times!!!!  It is truly in immaculate condition and looks brand new!  The factory chrome, polish, and ano looks the same as it did 14 years ago. Also, everything on this bike is stock (to a '97 GT Speed Series Team bike) except the seat post (the '97 seat post was a little smaller (in diameter) than the '98 seat post), the chain tensioners (GT replaced the '97 tensioners with '98 tensioners when this frame was recalled), and the frame (as discussed previously).  The '97 GT Speed Series Team frame uses a 26.8mm seat post while the '98 GT Speed Series Team frame uses a 27.0mm seat post.  Additionally, the '97 GT Speed Series Team frame uses a 31.8mm GT single-bolt seat post clamp while the '98 GT Speed Series Team frame has an integrated seat post clamp.


Since the original frame (a 1997 GT Speed Series Team frame) was returned to GT after the March 1998 recall (and destroyed), shortly after purchasing this bike, I started looking for a 1997 GT Speed Series Team frame.  My idea was to put all of these mint '97 parts back on a '97 Speed Series Team frame.  However, this became a difficult task because the vast majority of 1997 GT Speed Series Team frames were returned to GT after the recall, destroyed, and then replaced with '98 GT Speed Series Team frames (just as mine was).  On August 23, 2011, my lucky break came; I found and purchased a '97 GT Speed Series Team XL frame.  The serial number on this '97 frame is "08970416 XLT", which means that this frame was manufactured in August (notice the first two digits in the serial number; August = the eighth month) of 1997 (notice the next two digits in the serial number) and has a top tube length of 20.5 inches.  My 1997 GT Speed Series Team XL frame weighs 3 lb. 11.461 oz. (without decals).


Now that I have a '97 GT Speed Series Team frame, I'm looking for a '97 GT Speed Series Team seat tube decal that says "6061-T6 Aluminum".  This decal has yellow text and is outlined in red.  Here is a picture of what this decal looks like: (  I also technically need a set of '97 GT Speed Series Team chain tensioners (which are all silver), but instead I'm going to use a set of '99 GT tensioners that have had the black ano removed.  I have already obtained a nearly complete '97 GT Speed Series Team decal set (shown below), a '97 GT Cr-Mo seat post (, and a '97 GT seat post clamp (32.0mm, ano black color). After these last couple of items, I will have a completely stock 1997 GT Speed Series Team XL bike!!!



The bike has the following parts (as pictured):


Frame:  1998 GT Speed Series Team XXL (21" top tube, ball-burnished, 6061 T-6 aluminum, USA made, BOX Series chainstays, angle-cut Box stay dropouts, CNCd head tube, seat bridge, seat tube collar, bottom bracket shell, and dropouts)

Fork:  GT Cr-Mo (20", 1-1/8" threadless steer tube, 1-1/4" double-butted blades, oversized)

Handlebars:  GT Pro .065 (chromoly, USA made, 0.065” thick tubing, chrome plated for “show-quality looks”, cut 1/2" one each side by original owner)

Stem:  GT Piston XL (1-1/8", polished aluminum, CNC precision machined, "Made in USA")

Headset:  Dia-Compe SX-1 A-headset (threadless, unsealed)

Grips:  GT Cam Shaft (black, USA-made, Kraton rubber)

Bar Ends:  GT (plastic)

Seat:  1997 GT (Speed Series Team) Dropnose Racing (Spandura cover with embroidered "GT BMX" logo, 7mm Cr-Mo rails, composite gray shell, blue "GT" logo on back on seat)

Seat Post:  Advent (27.0mm diameter, micro adjust, aluminum)

Seat Post Clamp:  integrated into frame (19mm Cr-Mo binder bolt)

Cranks:  GT Power Series 3-piece (180 mm long hollow chromoly arms, 5-5/8" long chromoly spindle, 19mm chromoly axle, precision sealed cartridge bearings)

Cone Washers:  GT Racer Spacers (aluminum, silver)

Chainwheel:  GT Overdrive Lite (44T, black, CNC machined, 22mm)

Chainwheel Adapter:  22mm to 19mm (steel, silver)

Chain:  KMC 410 (1/2 x 3/32")

Chain Tensioners:  1998 GT chain-tension device (CNCd aluminum, black)

Pedals:  GT alloy platform (9/16" axle, hi-polish)

Hubs:  GT Mohawk (36H, high flange, flip-flop rear hub, cartridge sealed bearings, solid axles, anodized black)

Freewheel:  Shimano SF-MX30 (16T, made in Japan)

Rims:  Araya RB-907X (Araya Super 7X) (chrome plated aluminum double wall rim, 36H, 31.0mm wide and 17.5mm tall, welded seam, weight: 425g to 430g per rim, designed for 1.75" to 2.125" tires, made in Japan)

Spokes:  14 G stainless steel (2.0mm straight gauge, silver alloy nipples)

Tires:  GT AA Pro (20 x 2.125" front, 20 x 1.75" rear, kevlar bead?)

Tubes:  generic w/ Schrader valve (20", stock)

Brake Lever:  Shimano DX V-Lever (red)

Brakes:  Shimano DX V-brake (red)

Brake Cable:  Shimano (from Shimano DX V-Brake Kit)

Pad Set:  GT Slim Pads (1mm neoprene cover with 1-1/4" stitched in pad, black)



The complete 1997 GT Speed Series Team bike retailed for $869.99 in the USA (SourceBikePedia).  The 1998 GT Speed Series Team frame (XL or XXL model) retailed for $279.99 in the USA; the chromoly GT fork was an additional $25.00 (Source: Dan's Comp).



The following is a picture of the 1997 GT Speed Series Team bike (Source: '97 GT BMX Catalog):



Here's a picture from the compressed Australian version of the same catalog (Thanks "Deicide"):



The following pictures are of my newly purchased unpolished '97 GT Speed Series Team XL frame:



Here is a picture of the decals that I've purchased for my '97 GT Speed Series Team XL frame:



After I finish sanding and polishing my '97 GT Speed Series Team XL frame (above), I will put all of my '97 parts and decals on it to make a completely stock 1997 GT Speed Series Team XL bike.  I then plan to build up the '98 GT Speed Series Team XXL frame (top of page) with mainly mid-school parts from the mid- to late-90's.


For additional pictures of parts that I hope to use on my upcoming '98 GT Speed Series Team XXL build, see the following link:


Remember these commercials?!?!?!  The third one features the '97 GT Speed Series Team: (


Lastly, I find it fitting that I, a recent graduate from UC Davis (MS, environmental engineering), was able to get this bike from a UC Berkeley MBA student.  UC Davis, the second campus of the University of California system, was established as Cal's farm school.


Submitted by pharv85

  • Race
  • Company: GT Bicycles
  • Model: Speed Series Team XL
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube angle: 73.0 deg.
  • Seattube angle: 70.0 deg
  • Toptube length: 21.00 in.
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"
  • Details