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1986 GT Performer

1986 GT Performer

First gt performer I restored. Just wanted a cool looking bike that would break necks.

I got this as a frame, bars, post set that was powdered white. This was my first 80's build. Got a decent deal on it, but if I were to do it again probably wouldn't have. I got desperate for a set of forks and finally got some off ebay. Didn't know it then, but I got 86 performer forks usa built. Paid too much for them, but overall with the price I paid for the frame, not bad. I never got the forks powdered and put on.Bike was just finished with 87 decals that matched. Looks good but that bothers me a bit now.

This bike was inspired by the VP pedals. I found the VP pedals NOS in that green for $14.00, and decided to build a bike around them. Decided on a performer after doing some research. This bike is currently stripped and parts and few parts are for sale. I plan on re-powdering it GT green and applying the appropriate 86 decals. Something more original, as if GT made it.

- 1986 GT Peformer FRAME, BARS, POST
- GT mallet stem polished
- NOS dia compe 901 brake set front and rear
- NOS dia comp tech 4 levers
- NOS tioga chainwheel
- NOS sugino spider
- NOS VP 747 pedals
- NOS gt frame stander
- NOS frame standers
- NOS fork standers
- NOS cromo crank arm
- NOS tioga laid back seat post
- NOS odyssey rx2 seat clamp
- NOS viscount dominator seat
- NOS haro tires
- NOS fst mag wheels
- AME Tri Grips
- YST head set
- Generic bottom bracket
- Generic landing gear style forks


Submitted by followyoursole