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1985 GT Pro World Tour

1985 GT Pro World Tour

1985 USA GT Pro World Tour

1985 USA GT Pro World Tour

Complete with FS stamp on the left rear drop out. Picked up this fork and frame from another member. When I got it, it was totally trashed. The metal was rusty, 75% of the paint was missing and it had quite a few dings in it. The original color was green and Ive decided to keep it with the original color. Took a few days of searching to come up with the correct paint code for the green and a few weeks or searching to find the tires. I actually found the tires before the frame so it all happened to just work out great. Once I dropped the frame off to the powdercoaters it then took him 3 weeks to get the powder and to finish it. In the mean time I collected my parts. In all it was about a 8 week process. Its not built right out of the catalog but I still like it. Parts list are as follows:


1985 USA GT Pro World Tour fork and frame

1985 GT bars (no crimping)

GT seat post (circle logo stamp)

1988 GT seat clamp

Viscount Dominator seat

Suntour 14t freewheel

white GT mags

Green GT tires

Specialized tubes

Spintech stem

AME round grips

Dia-compe Tech 77 levers

Dia-compe Nippon (front)

Dia-compe 901 rear

Skyway tuf pads

Takagi 180 cranks

Hsing pedals (to be swappedfor white MKS soon)

GT bottom bracket

GT power disc

GT chain disc



Submitted by carbons2k