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1988 GT Pro Series

1988 GT Pro Series

Near Factory Spec Build

Bought this Near NOS F/F then forund the correct year matching  Near NOS bars with OG stickers and the NOS correct Pads.
Always Loved this model and wanted it to have alot of the correct Spec parts But with Subtle twists,hope you like it

Parts List:
near NOS 88 F/F,correct model near NOS bars with OG stickers
near NOS stamped set post
NOS UkAI speedline rims with shiny sides
NOS Asahi spokes
Re-powdercoated GT superlace hubs with polished locking colars and hollow axles.
polished stamped power series cranks
NOS GT stamped power disk
NOS GT stamped chainwheel
NOS GT stamped chainwheel bolts
NOS black/chrome IZUMI chain
NOS sealed bearing speedtrap pedals
NOS  black 901 brakes
NOS GT epoch headset with polished cap
polished 87/88 GT stem
polished GT stamped seat post clamp
NOS kashimax aero seat with allen key guts
ame grips
NOS GT pads
NOS 1B numberplate

Submitted by mypk