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1988 GT Performer

1988 GT Performer

Almost done with my first build. PICS UPDATED 3/6/11

***updated 3/6/11 - installed white gyro cables and mallet stem (which was not stock on the 88 performers.  It was only on the Pro Performers, etc.)  SOLD 4/11

This was my brother's 1988 GT Performer.  Due to our family's financial situation, I was relagated to the Team Murray X20R, which I enjoyed.  BUT, I always wanted a freestyle bike.  By that time I already had my driver's license I could care less about bikes.  In the fall of 09 I was visiting my brother in Cleveland and under a pile of rubble in his garage was the magenta frame that I remembered from the late 80's.  It was completely stripped of all parts (except for the cranks and sprocket, which were loose and just hanging on by luck) and decals and the paint was rough and actually oversprayed with other colors in some spots.  The handlebars and forks were also attached, although the stem was not stock and it was also very loose, missing the entire headset of bearings, etc....  By some miracle he still had the OGK GT mags but they were a nice yellow color at this point.  He wasn't doing anything with it and said I could take it.  I loaded it up in my trunk and so began my new hobbie and my first build...  It is definately a driver/rider and not a show bike.  I've had an amazing time building this bike and have learned a ton---sometimes costing myself $ in the process.  The bike features the original frame/fork/handlebars, seatpost, clamp, chainwheel, seat, pedals, and mag wheels.  Everything else is new or as close as I could get, within budget.  I am ready to begin my next build----hopefully another Performer or a Mach One.  Updated pics to come... 


Every kid in the neighborhood---including my daughters---want to ride this bike.  I love it... 

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