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1984 GT Pro Performer

1984 GT Pro Performer

First of the GT Pro Performers

This is my sons bike, he acquired the frame set from a local store owner  for Free, (see pics) and restored the bike from there.  Here is his write-up about it....

This is my 1984 GT Pro Performer.  It has the original chrome, and decals on the frame and fork.  The original chrome folding fork stands, the original seat clamp, and original skyway tuff wheel II aluminum hub wheels.  I bought new tires, & GT Ame grips.  The NOS bars were acquired through a trade, as well as the GT mallet stem.  The post was a good used post that has been repowdered to match.  Picked up the NOS Lee Chi 128 locking levers, and used Lee Chi MX brakes from Ebay.  This is my favorite year GT, and it has been a dream to build this bike.  I am still seeking a set of chrome GT frame standers to finish the bike off.

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