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1993 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

1993 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

Hi, i´m 41 and owned a Redline RL 20 Prostyler in 86. It tore me appart, when it was stolen 3 months after completing it. In 1993 I decided to come back on the track and bought this bike. Because of alltime very poor brake power I replaced it in 2000 with a Wethepeople daredevil to gain some U-brakes and chrome-rims.  Back to topic:

I´m just restoring my old GT. Not to ride it, but for the fun of it and to save it from it´s sad life in the cellar.


So, here it is, back on the street. I cleaned it, I fixed it with a new bottombracket and a new headset (using the original beartrap nut). Also I greased every single thread again! I will upload better pictures, when it´s all done. Back in the days I had some 4 inch standard pegs in the back, i gave them to a "friend" and have never seen them again. I have four inchers by GT for the front axle. The ride comes with a KHE freecoaster, if you´re wondering about the rear hub.

I would love to put white tires, white grips and a white chain on the bike, just a plan for the future and a matter of money! I think chrome and white look damn good!

Update Oct. 18. 2011

Put some black Skyway Tuff II´s, white A´ME Tri and white Kenda Tires on, to get back to the 80´s feeling. Hope you like it.