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1985 GT Pro Performer

1985 GT Pro Performer

dec 1984 = FS 1984 model santa ana GT pro Performer

in 1985 my parents had the impossible job of tracking down a chrome GT pro performer here in the bmx went all crazy colours at the time but as luck would have it custom riders here in the uk had only a 84 chrome frame & fork set left no complete bike, so they done a deal with my parents to build my own pro performer to how i wanted it .. so mother reserved it and posted off the payment.. & ordered the GT performer chrome bars , GT stem, GT seat post as well..  green set of skyway tuffs  & green tuff pads, as well green shotgun 2 seat . GT fork and frame standers as well (not shown) the bike has pritty much remained  the same since 85 apart from new skool Redline flight 3pc crank DMR pedals & GT Tyres                                                 

FRAME & FORKS Dec 84 GT pro Performer 3 hole drop outs SANTA ANA built

BARS GT Performer (AM'E round grips)


WHEELS Skyway tuffs  

BRAKES dia comp,odyssey gyro with dia compe tech 77 levers

CRANK 3pc Redline flight  44T Tuf neck chain ring & power disc  DMR pedals

SEAT cycle pro shot gun 2  

S/POST GT Lay back with SR clamp     

GT Frame & fork standers (not shown )