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1999 GT Fueler

1999 GT Fueler

I found this NOS (New Old Stock) GT Fueler at a bike shop recently and had to have it. It was a complete bike once upon a time but the bike shop parted it out so I bought what was left and used almost all GT/Powerlite parts to build it up again. The shop sold off the seatpost, seat, wheels and handlebars. I also swapped out the stock 1 peice crank for a 3 peice.

Heres all the original parts that the bike had left on it from 1999 when I got there-

Nos GT Fueler USA made 100% chromoly frame with Nos headset and Nos 100% chromoly fork (the frames color is called Black Cherry and it turns from black to dark red in the sun and has red sparkles in the paint)

Nos GT 44 tooth aluminum CNC chainwheel

Nos Chain

Nos dia comp 990 with GT brake cable

Nos GT grips

Nos Powerlite Retro tread tires with tubes- 2.125 width front and 1.75 width rear

Nos GT aluminum piston stem

Nos GT brake cable

Nos GT chain


Heres the Nos GT/Powerlite parts that I bought

Nos Powerlite 4 peice 100% chromoly bars with swaged 1 inch to 7/8 tubes (the same bars were used on the 1999 Powerlite Blitz which was Powerlites equivilent to the GT Fueler) I also shaved the bars down with a pipe cutter 1 inch on each side

Nos GT 31.8mm chromoly seat post with Nos GT launchpad seat with removable chromoly 9mm rails (the Fueler had a laid back seat post design with a longer thinner seat instead of the strait up seat post design and shorter wider seat but the seat post and seat that I used, came stock on the 2000-2001 GT Bump and GT Thumper dirt jumping bikes that were the models below the Fueler so this is the next best thing)

Nos GT Rythem system wheels with 38mm wide double walled rims with welded seams and offset drilled spoke eylets, butted 15 guage stainless steel black spokes and aluminum nipples, high flanged sealed cartridge bearing GT flip flop hubs. These exact wheels only ever came stock on the 1999 and 2000 GT Speed Series Team bikes unless you bought them from a bike shop that could order them seperatly. (I love the way the wheels look since the extra large hubs realy fit the overbuilt look of the bike and the 38mm rims are the widest I have seen, the only other 38mm rims that I know of are the Powerlite .38 special rims and Bontrager Bruiser rims)

Nos Powerlite aluminum 180mm sealed bearing cranks with a high polished finish (I think they look way better than the 1 peice cranks that came stock and go with the overbuilt look of the bike)


Heres the Non GT/Powerlite parts

New Dia Comp MX-97 brake lever and ODI aluminum grip stop to keep the left grip from sliding

New Odi plastic bar ends

New Poverty Hustler pedals with sealed bearings

New chrome 16 tooth freewheel 


I think the bike came out awesome and hopefully some other members on the bmx museum will like it too, after all you dont see to many 100% brand new 1999 GT fuelers!

Submitted by The-Elemental-Empire

  • Dirt Jump / Trail
  • Company: GT Bicycles
  • Model: Fueler
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"

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