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1979 GT Gary Turner

1979 GT Gary Turner

1979 Gary Turner/GT

This was my friend's bike back in 1979/1980. Not sure of the date. He remembers it coming with Gary Turner stickers. He said when the new GTs came out, he wrote to GT, asking for the new stickers. He said Gary Turner sent him a personal letter with the stickers. I argued that this was a GT and he may have been thinking about another bike he had, but he said he only had one GT. So, not sure. I know I owned the Thruster frame sitting in the background in the spring of 1980 and got it from him. (See my other bikes for a pic. of it when I owned it.) So how old is this? Not sure. Cool bike though. Dig the Phil spider. He custom-made the lightning bolt sticker on the Hot Plate. "I couldn't afford the Haro plates, so I bought the cheaper Hot Plate and made the sticker from contact paper," he said. He was always doing stuff like that.

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