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1987 GT Pro Performer

1987 GT Pro Performer

My Freestyle survivor from back in the day. GT Pro Performer with Team Model upgrades. Original paint.

It was 1986 and i was only 11yrs old and i remember seeing the movie "RAD" and after seeing Martin, & R.L. do their thing in the closing credits, i knew i wanted a freestyle bike for sure. After a year of begging my parents, they finally gave in and granted my wish for my birthday. I originally wanted a pro freestyle tour team model, but that was just too expensive so i settled for a blue pro performer. I had lots of fun learning, endos, boomerangs, tailwhips, lawnmowers, you name it. As the years went on i slowly converted my pro performer to the team model by adding the full sets of pegs, dia compe nippon brakes and levers, complete superlaced wheels, and the one grail that i had to really save up for...the power series cranks. More years went by and i of course grew up and lost interest. My mom knew how much hard work i put into this bike so lucky for me she stored it in her garage. (check my other post on my Redline) Well im 33yrs old now and brought out all my bikes which are now collectors items, and im loving riding them again. The only thing i need to finish this bike off are a set of Pro Freestyle Tour stickers.

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