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1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model

1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model

1987 GT PFST Team dayglo pink is, in my opinion, the most iconic bike in the whole Bmx Freestyle history!!!

This bike was a dream since teenager. Last March/2022, after around three years dealing, I finally convinced its previous owner to sell me it and then I spent four months to restore it. 

Bike came out with some parts, including OGK GT Performer tuffs, which are still under restoration process, but lots of parts were missing, then I went to ebay and some e-commerce sites and got the remaining items.
Tried to assemble it as much original as possible, but it's quite hard and expensive, so I made my best and provided this absolutely wonderful lady!
The break levers Dia Compe Tech 7 is the major paramount remaining. For the moment Tech 5 are there as a good option.
Rear Superlace 36s 80's is also another very desired item. So far I'm using the new/modern GT Superlace cassete with 16T. The front hub is GT Superlace original from 80's, which is just amazing!!
Araya 7C rims with UKAI decals are there as well. I'm quite sure that it will be very hard to find the UKAI rims.
Hope you enjoy!

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