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1988 GT Pro Series Team Model

1988 GT Pro Series Team Model

1988 GT Pro Series Team Model I bought from an old racing buddy of mine in 2020.

I bought this 1988 GT Pro Series Team Model of an old racing buddy of mine a year or so ago now. He ordered the bike direct from GT early in 88 however delivery did not occur till late 88. It came with the padset as seen in these images which for a 88 are incorrect but as this is how it came I decided to leave it as is. 

When I bought the bike the gooseneck was a Hutch Western H, it had Redline 401 cranks, green A'me grips, generic seat and random brake caliper on the back. Also the rim set was miss matched with an Araya front and Ukai rear. These items ended up on the bike after many years of riding it on the street after he retired from racing. The cranks were swapped to 401's back in the racing days due to him preferring those cranks over the Pro Series cranks. The Team Model decals were removed from the brake stay tubing after purchase to fit a bike shops decals when he was sponsored by them. 
So fast forward from 1988 to 2020 which is when I bought the bike. I got the bike home and stripped in all down. The non correct components were put aside and I started the rebuilding process. I was lucky enough to be given a box of assorted race parts from another racing buddy of mine which had a set of NOS gen 2 GT Race hubs still in the box. I had them laced to polished Araya 7X hoops so the rims were now sorted. I couldn't find a black Dia Compe 901 rear caliper so I have put on the Pitbull 1 caliper for now. Slowly but surely the Pro Series is coming together nicely but I still need to find a GT stamped 44t chainring and powerdisk, black GT/A'me grips, Black DC 901 caliper with lever and SR Speedtrap pedals. 
FRAME: 1988 GT Pro Series Team Model 
FORK: 1988 GT Pro Series 
GRIPS: A'me Tri- will be swapped for black GT/A'me grips 
LEVER: Tech 7
CALIPER: Dia Compe 901
BOTTOM BRACKET: GT Pro Series sealed 
CRANK ARMS: Primo Powerbite (modified to replicate GT Power Series cranks) 
SPIDER/DISK: Tuffneck - will be swapped out for a GT powerdisk 
PEDALS: Odyssey Tripple Traps - will be swapped out for SR speed Traps 
HUBS: Gt Race (gen 2) SEALED Low Flange 
RIMS: Araya 7x 20 x 1.75 
TYRES: Tioga Comp3 reissue yellow label fat & skinny 
 PLATE: Dyno Ultra UL

I'm hoping to have this bike as close to factory spec as possible by end of the year so fingers crossed.

Submitted by Leereynolds