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1993 GT Mach One

1993 GT Mach One

Bought the frame for 75 bucks and that quickly became 300

Found the frame as is for 75 on letgo rode my a124 30 miles to get it a county over from a guy i started doing regular business with since im not in his area often then the guy in my area who sells all the stuff the bums have for sale had a sandy set of correct mohawk wheels at steal price so i grabbed those shelled out for a chainring tossed on my excaliburs because the sr's were bent and it has a funky early shimano dual pivot front brake mounted for the rear to compensate for no pitbull and a cheap front brake just for occasional endos and emergency stopping power chrome on the post and bars is almost toast but i rock it just because its the bike only need to get a pitbull and a gt stem ill trade the dyno stem or swap top plates for the gt stamped one almost done couldnt resist posting since its already been 2 years of hunting for bargains and still overpaying on the smallest of things of course just glad the tien hsin epoch headset still works

Submitted by nickfanella

  • Race
  • Company: GT Bicycles
  • Model: Mach One
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details 43tx16t gearing odyssey excalibur cranks with triple traps for extra beef and determination to not bail improvised but functional mismatched braking cool old aitken plite tire holding 95/100psi with nearly all thread for sidewalls and a dry but not done dk tire in the back just because aa pros are not worth it at all just glad the seat was on a cracked 21spd avalanche from a while back didnt want to buy that