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1996 GT Performer

1996 GT Performer


Picked up this GT locally (southern CA). I was doing some outside work in a customer's home and saw this chrome '96 on the side of the house. I asked the customer about it and they said they bought it new for their son in '96, they also said they still had the original receipt but needed to find it, son is grown up now and doesn't care for it anymore. Once they said that, I  asked if they had any plans for it. They asked for my number & said we will call you about it. Sure enough, the call came and said if i was really interested they would sell it to me. We agreed on a very good price and that GT was mine!

When i decided to enter the build-off, I needed to think outside the box and went with a color that GT didn't use since '85, mimicked Fiolas EF PROFORMER (using my initials GP) and went with Redline & Haro's chrome dropouts!

I recently entered the bike in the build-off in the MS category. Go show your support for my bike with unique ideas!

Here's the restoration process...

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