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1986 GT Pro World Tour

1986 GT Pro World Tour

Super clean Dayglo Pink!

This is my first Pro World Tour build I did for the 2021 Calendar Build off.  She's super clean and will join my collection of 86' Pro Performers!

F/F:  1986 GT Pro World Tour Dayglo pink by C4 Labs

Bars:  OG 86’ Chrome GT circle stamped

Stem:  85’ GT Mallet

Headset:  NOS GT Epoch

Post:  OG 86’ Chrome GT circle stamped

Post clamp: OG 85'-86’ GT

Seat:  OG 85'-86’ GT

Wheels:  GT Superlace/Ukai Speedline hoops

Tires:  NOS 20x1.75 GT skinwall

Cranks:  SR Cosmolite

Sprocket:  SR /GT Stamped Power Disc

Pedals:  NOS SR 470

Brakes: Front 86’ Nippon’s restored, Back 86' 901 restored

Brake cables:  NOS 86' stamped Dia Compe

Brake pads: NOS Dia Compe

Levers:  NOS Odyssey RX-3

Grips:  OG A’me bubble font

Fork standers: OG 86' GT

Frame standers: OG 86' GT

Submitted by ragstorockstar