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1996 GT Mach One

1996 GT Mach One

American Made Chromoly BMX

It's taken a year or so but I've finally completed this one for my son's 10th birthday.  I bought this it partially complete from a friend and owner of Reggies Bike Shop where I worked as a teenager.  It was cool to see that it had originally been purchased at our shop as evidenced by the decal on the down tube.  After a few hours of cleaning the frame and fork looked great and I was able to keep the original decals.  Everything was disassembled, cleaned, rebuilt, and/or replaced.  I ended up keeping it mostly stock with changes limited to the grips (AME Tris), seat (still a GT), tires (Comp IIIs), and spoke nipples (red anodized).  I hope to be able to bring it up to Albe's next Old School BMX show and get my boys into the hobby.  Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy. 

Submitted by Jwilsonpwt

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