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1994 GT Performer

1994 GT Performer

Alot of history into this one. One of my first good bikes was a Dyno VFR that i had to beg for. It was stolen only a few weeks after i got it. My parents told me if i wanted

another "good" bike from a bike store i had to buy it myself. So after getting a paper route i saved for a year in order to purchase my very own '94 Performer.

After purchasing the bike, like most i set out to make it my own and do some upgrades. I had a pretty good idea from surfing BMX Plus's what parts i wanted to change
and how i wanted the bike to be once i was finished and this here is it. 

Frame/Fork - Frame refinished by C4 labs, Forks NOS

Bars- Rechromed

Grips - NOS

Seat post- Used

Rims - NOS Sun BFR's

Hubs - NOS GT Power Series 48H sealed bearing

Tires - GT NOS

Front Brake - New Dia Compe Bulldog

Rear Brake - NOS Odyssey Pitbull 

Odyssey Gyro Cables - NOS 

Gyro Setup - Restored 

Tech 77 Levers - New

GT Stem - Polished 

Headset - restored original 

GT Seat post Clamp - NOS

GT Seat - NOS

Chain -  New KMC 

GT Chainring - Used

GT Spider - NOS

GT Cranks - Used

GT Pedals - Used

Submitted by DemonGT

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