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1996 GT Interceptor

1996 GT Interceptor

Survivor, almost all OG, needs seat

I was looking a front front wheel for another build and bought this to finish it, but decided to give it a good clean and keep together. I drove 2 hours to a country swap meet, but well worth it. It didn't come with a seat & seat pole (still looking for GT stamped pole & seat to finish the build). Nice geometry, rides well. Took the pics at an old abandoned factory with a mate, his it the custom Torker 2 build. O.K, so I just found the OG seat post and seat. And added the GT tri wheels. Very happy now.  

- Weinmann 4019 36 Spoke Wheels
- GT Hubs
- GT Bars, 725mm
- GT platform pedals (VP 821) 
- GT Power CroMo One Piece Crank