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1988 GT Vertigo ST

1988 GT Vertigo ST

1988 GT Vertigo ST with OG stickers. Resto-mod mix of original and newer parts.

I got this bike in 1995 from a guy that owned literally thousands of bikes. He went for quantity not quality. This bike caught my eye and I picked it up for $20.

I used it as a winter bike for a few years built up from a muttly mix of assorted parts. It even had a GT bash guard on it from one winter! Sadly the winter was in Ohio. With its salted roads, the chrome took a bit of a beating. It was left to languish in my parents shed.

24 years later I got it down to Florida where I had moved to and it spent some time in my garage on display above my shelving. One day I looked at it and decided it deserved better. It deserved to be a whole bike hanging proudly on display in my recording studio. Thus began the process to make it a whole bike.

I cleaned the frame as best I could with generous doses of 0000 steel wool, toothbrushes, WD40, aluminum foil and loads of elbow grease. I never had the original fork, so the first order of business was finding something that would work. I ended up fitting a 96 Dyno Air fork for the time being. Hopefully I can find the right fork soon :)

The next order of business was cranks and wheels. For the wheels, I went with the re-issue Skyway Tuffs. Kenda Kontact tires gave it the look I wanted.

To power the beast I went with original second generation Peregrine three-piece cranks. These were owned by me long ago and were corroded and broken at the spindle boss on the non-drive side. I stripped them down and re-welded them, then bought a powder coating setup and powder coated them white. To restore their original looks, I then custom designed a set of stickers from images I found online, but went the extra step to match the crank sticker colors to those of the original GT Vertigo ST stickers. a repro GT cheese grater sprocket in 44 tooth and Mid School GT platform pedals, both powder coated white, an ACS Paws 16 tooth freewheel and a KMC Z 410 chain finish up the drive line.

For braking, I wanted to stick to an old school original setup. A repro Dia-Comp 883 takes up front stopping duties while a NOS Dia-Comp 750 keeps things in control at the rear. White cables and a NOS Odyssey Gyro (also powder coated white) finish up the braking system.

For bars, I went with the new repop GT performer bars to keep the old school look with new school geometry while an OG Sakae MS-423 keeps them firmly in place.

Black ops levers and grips round out the handling section.

Every bike needs a nice place to park your butt. For this build I went with a laid back black ops seat post and a repop Viscount Dominator seat. A slim GT seatpost clamp keeps it from wiggling around.

It was a fun build and I hope to continue to improve it with original period correct parts when I can find them.

Submitted by DamienE

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: GT Bicycles
  • Model: Vertigo ST
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Frame: GT Vertigo ST Form: 96 Dyno Air Bars: GT Performer Re-issue Stem: Sakae MS-423 Wheels: Skyway Tuff II Cranks: Peregrine Gen 2 Pedals: GT platform Sprocket: GT Cheese Grater Copy 44 tooth Chain: KMC Z 410 Freewheel: ACS Paws 16 tooth Detangler: Odyssey Gyro Front Brake: Dia-Comp 883 with DC pads Rear Brake: Dia-comp 750 with Odyssey clear pads Brake Lever: Black Ops Grips: Black Ops (ODI longneck copies) Seat: Viscount Dominator Repop Seatpost: Black Ops Laid Back Seatpost Clamp: GT Slim

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