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1986 GT Performer

1986 GT Performer

Tribute to my broken '85/'86 World exact remake of my original vert/show bike

I snapped the original frame (a 3 hole '85 with '86 pwt stickers) at the headtube-toptube junction in about '88 or so. The wreck put me off vert forever. I hung the parts on a donor frame and it rotted in various locations throuhout our several moves. Well, I found it during our last move and decided to restore it and then...I found this site. Here's the build. The only difference is the 3 piece cranks, as back then, I bent just about everything, including cranks and couldn't justify the cost of bending redlines or profiles...


'86 Performer F/F (with '86 world tour it's fallen brother)


'86 CW Pistol Pete "Premium" bars..restored


'85 Hutch Western H freestyle stem (bent just about every other brand)


DiaCompe MX901s front and original condition


DiaCompe Tech5 (with "286" levers) Levers, custom bent and powdered


GT Layback post Velo seat (original was a Tioga/Kashi FS)


Fully restored Peregrine of the first in the rim has a speedline that "skips". I had these delivered before they hit the dealerships. They use the original Suzue 6A hubs


Rare Haro Yellow Dart 1.5" tires


A'ME Rounds


Newer school Profile cranks


Tioga CD sprocket and disk


NOS Shimano SXes


Skyway "pro" brake pads


Chrome chain


This is the build that I used in shows all over NE. It's a shame that the original frame broke ,but this is an exact replica of the original. Sorry about the wierd lighting in the pics. It was a "tornado" sky here in Ga when I shot them. That's a wierd green hazy sky for those who haven't experienced it before.

Submitted by mcseforsale

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: GT Bicycles
  • Model: Performer
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Took me a year to complete this build.