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1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model

1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model

Martin Aparijo's Catalog Prototype Frame

Purchased this frame set from a museum user from the UK. He originally purchased it from someone in the US and restored it to look like this.

This is what he posted about it:

"A replica of MARTIN APARIJOS 1987 GT PFT PROTOTYPE bike!! which you can see in the 87 catalogue, all work was carried out by Sawzall to replicate the prototype and its powdered in the CORRECT TIGER DAYGLO pink (which I have proof) which GT used and you'll never be able to get it again!!! bought there last few pounds years ago before they discontinued it, powdered by SBD... serial no is 187.....frame forks bars post."

Being born in 1975 you know what this bike means. I was going to build it pink and white but there are so many in the museum that I decided last minute to throw a little different color scheme, here are the parts and will post pictures when it's finally done. 

I don't see people posting price paid, but I thought it would be nice to see how much come of these builds cost. Enjoy!

Frameset Restored and Repowdered $1155

New Power cranks with black laser etched logos coming soon $130

New American Bracket $35

NOS GT Chainring $63

NOS Suntour Powerdisc $75

New Powerdisc bolts $15

New GT Pedals $17.50

Survivor Seat Clamp $60

Survivor GT Winged logo Seat and guts $135

New AME Grips $22

Restored SR GT Mallet Stem $200

New White Tech-77 Levers $30

New Dia-Compe 990 Calipers rear $30

New Dia-Compe Nippon Caliper Front $30

New Gyro cable (long) $22

New Odyssey Front cable $10

Original Center Pull for rear brake $14

Restored Gyro $50

New Panaracer 20 x 1.75 White w/skinwall Tires $50

Original GT OGK Performer Mags restored   $310

GT Hologram Dice Tire caps $13.50

Tubes $6

OGK Suntour Freewheel

New White/Black KMC Chain $15

Survivor GT White Pegs $175

TeamModel Sticker $8