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1988 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team

1988 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team

Purchased as a 1988 survivor and converted to a team model. I rode with Dyno pretzel bars and a Dyno drain pipe seat post back in the day. This bike is a diamond!

Update 9/2020:

Survivor chrome PFT turned into a Team

Model. Original chrome! All replacement decals are NOS on chrome foil background. The rest were in place when I got the bike. 

Cranks have been updated to GT Power Series 1988 SR stamped. Spindle is stamped also.

Gen 1 GT Superlace hubs laced to Ukai HE hoops and trued by C4 labs. Polished rims.

GT bubble font logo chain has been restored and installed (replacing the YBN seen in some of the older pictures.

GT stem with repop 3D printed white cap.

Dia Compe 883 Nippon front brake

Dia Compe 990 rear brake (I have the original Axiom 767)

OG GT lower gyro cable from a survivor.

NOS Odyssey upper gyro cable 

Dia Compe Tech 7/182 brake levers with polished 182 levers. Bodies redone by C4 labs 

GT bubble font logo shorty pegs 26tpi on the rear 

GT (90’s logo) from pegs 26 tpi - polished chrome 

NOS 20 x 1.75 LP2 GT Tires - with the nipples and plastic over the GT logos.

Dyno stamped pretzel bars in chrome OG

Dyno stamped Drain pipe seat post in Chrome OG

Jive Handle grips with GT ‘88 style donuts 

I have the original GT bars, seat post and grips. I hope you like starring at this as much as I do!

Submitted by Atrains89