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1986 GT Pro World Tour

1986 GT Pro World Tour

Work in progress. Personal top-3 bike for me. F8 on the dropouts, and serial is 1285xxxx.


My short story is as similar as many: it took me years to build a nice bike, and then it was stolen a few years later.  Decades later, I’m back at it


The twist to my version of that story is that it got stolen TWICE.  (Meaning, I actually recovered it once.)  So, I guess you could say I was half-lucky ;)


Coming up in the 80's, I loved 20" BMXs as a kid.  Bought as many BMX Plus! mags that a kid on a newspaper-route payroll could afford (I might still have a couple mags laying around somewhere)... just so I could dream about "one day".  Growing up in one of the more affluent ‘burbs outside of Philly, primo rides were all around the neighborhood.  The older kid next door had a Huffy, Redline AND competitively raced a beautiful Diamond Back II.  (He had several track trophies on display in his bedroom, where he stored that magnificent DB of his.)  Within a 4-block radius, everywhere were what might be considered today as grails.  Redlines, Predators, Performers, Haros, Mongoose.  Even my cousin had a green Kuwahara.  But… nobody would let me ride their bike. (I don't blame them.)  So I was forced to ride my 6th grade Christmas present: a Toy-r-us model, despite my plea for something better.  (My parents didn't make a lot of money, but wanted to raise us in an area safer than the city.)  So, I built a hybrid from mix-match parts, slowly upgrading along the way over the years.  

Until one day, I finally scored a white GT Pro Performer frame and fork!  I added my black Skyway mags, pegs, and lavender seat/grips/cables to it, and eventually I was exactly where I wanted to be with it by 10th grade.  Rollin!    Wish I had pics of it, oh well.


A year later, and it was stolen, for the first time, from the side of my house.  Who took it, when, and where did it go?  Fuming!   

But I got lucky, because it turned up a few months later.  One day during cross-country practice, we were stretching on the ground, and I saw a group of kids riding across the grass field; I immediately recognized my customizations about 200 yards away.  In disbelief, "hey, that's my bike!".  I shot up from the stretching circle – and my best friend Dave who we always hung out together (he had pieced together his own hybrid) was like "man, are you sure?"  I was 80% positive, he was probably 80% skeptical, but there was no time to waste.  I left mid-practice and sprinted across the field, and Dave wasn’t too far behind me.  (He always had my back.)  As I got closer, I got more certain.  Yep, that was it!  I shouted, and the guys stopped.  They were younger kids I never saw before, maybe in 8th grade.  I confronted them, and they were like “oh, sorry, didn’t know.”  I couldn’t know if the guy riding actually stole it, but he got off right then and there and gave it back to me without much of a hassle.  I’m not sure if he lost out on some sort of deal or if he was part of the theft from my yard, but I was just glad that I would be riding a bike home from cross-country practice instead of jogging home.  Reunited!  :)


A few years later, I brought it to college with me in D.C..  By my sophomore year, it was stolen for good in the crowded daylight.  Rode to the mall, locked it up in front of hundreds of busy shoppers next to the busy street traffic, but somehow I came back to find my supposedly-invincible U-lock laying on the ground by itself, and no bike in sight.  Crushed. :(


Fast forward to the early 2000's, and I tried to satisfy that emptiness in my gut with a new Haro Mirra 540 Air.  But it just wasn’t the same.  Disappointed.  :/


So… another decade gone by and now in my 40’s, I found myself browsing the classifieds.  One thing led to another, and now... I’ve rekindled an old hobby!  And this time, I have a little more to spend. But if you ask my wife, it’s more of a problem than a solution …    


Instead of the lavender seat/grips/cables on white like BITD, I think I’ll be going all white-on-white. Will take my time with it.  Should have better pictures in the next month or so, will be sitting on tires then.  Hoping to complete the restoration in 12-18 months, in between other projects.  Got f/f/bars from a museum member who did a fantastic job in the restoration and shipping (GTBikesILike), and slowly finding NOS items here and there, like the OKGs, power disc, etc.  If not my grail, then easily my top-3 fav.  (Ozone and DB II are on my wishlist.) Relieved!   

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