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1985 GT Performer

1985 GT Performer

1984/85 "GOING TO BE A FULL RESTORE BUT KEEPING IT SIMPLE" this is a childhood bike I use to ride, finally made its way back to me....Exactly how I remember it, I even remember putting the decals on t

This GT was a bike a friend of mines parents had restored/built for us in 1995 by someone at the time who built bikes for people in our local area, this was a bike I had rode daily for around 3 years, I'm now 36 years old and my friends parents had contacted me and asked If I would like to have a few of our old bicycles we use to ride and of course I said YES! I found it had the original GT stem, forks, and frame all of the other parts seem to be Odyssey, wheels maybe Redline, tires are RL Freaky-V's, stamped RL seat post and of course a Dominator seat, I can't quite figure out the bars but needless to say I was pretty happy....This will be my next restore probably a pink or a lavender powder other than the original parts I already have, I will be hunting down all parts original to the frame, so let the fun continue

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