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1985 GT Performer

1985 GT Performer

Custom 1985 GT Performer

This bike came to me as a 1985 GT performer in chrome. However, because the chrome was so bad, I decided to go white. I do not regret this decision. Because I saw so many powdered Performers out there, I decided to go custom with as much as I possibly could.

 I suppose the decals get the most looks. I designed them myself and paid premium to have them made. They turned out great, in my opinion. 

The pads that was also my design.  Living in the greater Cincinnati area, I decided to pay tribute to my hometown crowd. I figured if I have to pay to have custom pads made, I may as well get what I want.   There certainly isn’t anything else out there like them.

 Next would be the custom break garden, which I made myself.  I carved the form out of Styrofoam, and layered it in fiberglass. Then I designed the decal and clearcoated over that. I think it adds a lot to the viewing pleasure of the bike. 

 Halfway through the build I decided to take up a Powder Coating. I Powder Coating all the components and candy blue. 

1985 GT Performer Frame/Fork
1985 GT Performer Bars
Stamped 85 Mallet Stem
Dyno Seat Post
GT Clamp
GT Epoch Headset 
GT Fork Standers
Odyssey Frame Standers
Tuff Wheels
Dia Compe 900 Brakes

Hoping to get the right seat soon... GT Frame Standers... and GT tires.

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