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1999 GT Speed Series XL

1999 GT Speed Series XL

99 Gt speed series

found this one local from the original owner. It only needed a quick wipe down. Story goes he bought it for his son that was in high school for Christmas 98. He bought the maxxas tires and XXL piston stem from the same shop. Unfortunately he didn’t have the original AA pros..  and just recently tossed the original box!  

Hung in the garage for all these years. He said his son was only there every other weekend and barley rode it. 

From my understanding the early 99 speed series non-teams had a problem with the factory putting the downtube decals on backwards. As you can see from the pictures. I tossed some NOS lizard skinz pads on it to replicate the 99 lizard skinz ad. 

The original pedals were peeling but not scratched or worn. Once I get them back from the powder I’ll update the pictures. 

Submitted by Jesse96ss